16 November 2009


So, this will be more like a photo-blog from now on ^^!

In my fourth week in the Philippines my mom and I went on a trip to the province North Luzon to see the rice-terraces in Banaue and the area around Banaue. Below you can find some impressions of ths weekend in the north of the Philippines with some describing words.

This is the entrance sign of the place where we stayed a few kilometres away from Banaue.

A native cottage. Very comfortable and functional little building ^^.

Awesome view over the terraces from our "Native Village Inn"!!

There were nice plants, too ;).

And a cute little ape :D!

This is a part of Banaue. Banaue is not a big city, more a bigger village!

Street view in Banaue.

More to come in the next posts... ;-)

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