16 September 2009


Sunset in the Subic Bay

YES! I'm finally in the philippines! Sorry that I didn't write such a long time and thanks to all the followers, who are going to read the upcoming posts (and the others, too)!

View from PREDA-house over Subic Bay

After arriving on 11th September and after spending the first weekend in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, my mother and I arrived here at PREDA Foundation (http://www.preda.org/). The internet here isn't working all the time, that's the one reason why I didn't write anything about our experiences up to now. The other is that I'm pretty busy here, there's some action everyday at PREDA and I like to join some of the activities. Another reason is that the change of climate from Germany to the Philippines is really straining to me. I'm all in a sweat mostt of the time ^^.
So, watch out, I'm posting again!!! "Salamat" 

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