22 September 2009


The one day we went to the old part of Manila. We came along the Rizal Park. Rizal is the national hero of the Filipinos, he was the first man, who called himself a citizen of the Philippines, the first real Filipino. In the Park there was a Chinese garden, too, where we met a man named Paul. He works as a guide for tourists there, but we didn't want him to show us Intramuros (which comes from the Spanish words intra=inside and muros=walls), because we didn't want to pay him ;-).
But Paul was a really nice guy, who showed us the right direction to walk and added some information about Manila and its' sights and the Philippines for free. For example he told us, there isn't only a Great Wall in China, but there is one in Manila, too. We saw this wall later... it wasn't that big ;)...
Below some impressions of the old town of Manila.

Rizal Park 

Old fort or jail (?) part of the old city wall

City wall

Intramuros housing


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