02 September 2009


Well, since I've got my travelplan by STA Travel, I finally know all the facts about when it's time to say good by :). So, I'm going to tell you something about the dates of the trip, illustration sponsored by flickr & co. :-):

Landungsbrücken (in love ^^)

In general the journey starts in Hamburg (the greatest city in the world for sure :D) and my final destination is Manila, Philippines, with a stopover of four hours in Dubai. Here I won't be able to visit the city pourly, because I got to spend my time in the airport of Dubai. Besides it's night during my stop there, so I will try to get some sleep in the Emirates without missing the next flight ;-).

Dubai International Airport


On my way back it's the plan to have a four days enduring city-trip in HongKong. I don't know what to do there exactly up to now. Let's see... climbing skyscraperrs, eating nasty stuff, robbing a bank... maybe :D.

  HongKong Skyline

Last but not least, the last flight will bring me back to Hamburg  hopefully (with a stopover in Dubai again), where the trip will finally end where it started. Below a short version of the travelplan by the airline, Emirates:
Outward flight
Thursday, 10. September 
15:25 Hamburg - - - - > 23:40 Dubai

Friday, 11. September
03:45 Dubai - - - - > 16:35 Manila

Return flight
Sunday, 27. September
08:00 Manila - - - - > 10:00 HongKong

Wednesday, 30. September
00:35 HongKong - - - - > 04:35 Dubai

Wednesday, 30. September
09:00 Dubai - - - - > 13:45 Hamburg


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