11 September 2009


Well, it's 01:55am now and I'm sitting the huuuge hall of the Dubai International Airport writing this! I'm pretty excited that my journey has started, so I'm not tired at all, but I'll try to get somme sleep during the next flight to Manila, boarding-time 03:00am ;-)!

For some my fitness I already walked along all 260 Gates here in the airport. Also I counted nine of those rich arabian men in the white clothes (you know what I'm talking about :)).

Pourly I can't see anything of the city Dubai at all, except all the computer-simulated illustrations and big advertisments. The architecture of the airport is a little artificial and hectic in my opinion. My mum would say that, too ;-). In return  for this the building is just BIG, so that you can't really judge the style of architecure at all, because you can't see all of it in one view.

Ok, that's all I wanted to tell:
Greetings from Dubai!

Watch out for more ...

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