23 September 2009


So, as you already know by reading the posts before we stay the most of our time in Olongapo at PREDA Foundation. It's a few minutes ride with a blue jeepney from downtown Olongapo up a hill out of town.
The city is set on the Subic Bay, where you can see a lot of ships anchoring. Most of them are Japanese ships used to export goods to other asian countries (Japan probably ^^). You cannot really know about the water in the bay wether it is poluted by the ships or not, but when you look at all the garbage swiming in the water you might think it is ;-)!

Olongapo City

Subic was a military base of the American forces during all the wars this country has been through. Espacially dunring the second world war there were a lot of American soldiers stationed here to fight against the Japanese forces. For a few years now the Americans are gone, but they left their traces in the city, the people and the society.

Subic Bay with beacon

PREDA now cares for one of these traces not only the Americans can be blamed for: sex tourism, exploitation and abuse of minor children, misstreated human rights and a lot more grievances in society. PREDA runs many programs and activities to help abused children and to fight for the rights of children and their standing in society. Just have a look at www.preda.org/german for more information!

PREDA main house entrance

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