22 September 2009

manila_makati & centre complex

Mall mall mall mall mall mall.
The financial centre of Manila is set in a district called Makati. All the important institutions and many international banks and companies have their own buildings here. Besides them you can find a lot of famous hotels there surrounded by large malls. There you can go easily by tram, too. We went there on Saturday and tried to get on the rooftop of one of the higher buildings... we couldn't make it. But we visited a few malls or better, just one huge mall. In fact it's like you go in one mall and you don't have to come out to got to the next one. The result is that the streets are completely empty especially during the weekend. They are all connected to a huge complex of malls. The one we went in was named Glorietta and there was Glorietta1, Glorietta2, Glorietta3 and Glorietta4. Next to them was the Greenbelt Mall and next to it just came other malls and so on... The malls were crowded and chaotic just like a big labyrinth.



Vacant cultural centre
The last trip made during our visit in Manila was a walk to a place of which we thought it might be a kind of a cultural center, because on the map you see that there are for example the theatre and a convention center. In fact the place was nearly abandoned and the theatre was kind of a entertainment park with a rollercoaster and plastic dinosaurs.


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