02 September 2009


So, I recently recieved some new photos and more information from my mum about this for me total unknown place I'm going to visit (more information about the country, the people and the activities of PREDA still to come).

First something my mum told me about the local weather: HOT! It's usuallys about minimum 30°C in Olongapo City even when the weather is cloudy! But that's not the problem, in fact that's what I'm looking for ;-). The other thing about the climate in the philippines is that it's really high humidity locally and you get sweddy by moving your little toe. It takes a little time (in case of my mum a week ;-)) to get used to it.

Traveling within the country seems to be pretty adventorous. You can go by "Jeepney", which is a small bus and is compared to our public transportation really cheep like most of the things you need to live. The disadvantage of going by Jeepney is that they mostly have an old motor and are generally pretty rousted. Because of this the Jeepney are very noisy. Another opportunity of public transportation is to go by "Tricycle", which is a three-tyred motorcycle, mostly old and noisy, too ;-).

In addition to these facts about the weather and the circumstances of traveling comes the fact that people aren't that organised like Europeans. It's more that you try to deal with things than avoiding them ;-). This special mentality reminds me of the people in Paraguay, who were really lazy and non-organised as well. I'm looking forward to get to know the exciting and different metality of the philipinos.

Below two more impressions my mum sent me from her thrilling journy to "Mount Tabulao" :D.


... more to come ...

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