22 September 2009

manila_chinese cemetary

City of dead.
The next day we went to the Chinese cemetary by tram. The tram lines in Manila are the more comfortable way to move in the city. They are air conditioned and fast, but you got to be checked by the security to enter it ;-). It was raining all the time and so I got only a few pictures.
By the way, the weather changed during our visit of Manila. The first two days we had rain most of the time, the third day the weather changed into more clear and the sun came out, too. Wether the weather is good or not the humidity is incredibly tough all the time like in a tropic house... UFF... SWEAT!
A Chinese cemetary is just different from a Chinese garden. It's like a tiny city in the real city, but no one lives there. Maybe some Chinese undead scuffle around the tombs, but we didn't see any :P. Impressions below.

Main Road in the cemetary

Imprisoned dead

There are christian Chinese, too ^^

Heavy rain, the umbrella broke ;-)

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